• The excess is on the plate of the purge wiper and won’t be bounced away normally after the toolhead goes away from the purge wiper.
  • The excess is often dragged to the building plate.

The cause of the problem

  1. The purge wiper plate gets stuck in the movement track.
  2. The purge wiper plate is loose or deformed.
  3. The position of the X-axis cover is not adjusted properly.


1. Update the printer firmware

We released a special repair firmware on November 2nd, 2023. If your printer firmware version is lower than this, please update the firmware to the latest version.

2. Clean the purge wiper

Clean the obstruction such as filament in the movement track of the purge wiper with tweezers, an air blower, etc.

3. Adjust the  purge wiper plate

Tighten the plate screws and restore the plate.

4. Adjust the installation position of the X-axis cover

4.1 Loosen the two marked screws with the H2.0 hex Key.

4.2 Push the X-axis cover inward in an anticlockwise direction, making the purge wiper get closer to the hotbed. At this point, there will be a small included angle between the cover and the end surface of the X-axis rail.

4.3 Keep the purge wiper in the adjusted state and retighten the two screws.

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