The PTEF tube needs to be replaced regularly. The operation of connecting the PTFE tubes has been shown in the A1 mini combo unboxing guide and will not be repeated here. We will mainly show you how to remove the PTFE tubes from the filaments hub and the AMS lite.

PTFE tube specifications for A1 mini

The outer diameter is 4mm, and the inner diameter is 2.5mm

AMS lite to the filaments hub:580mm*2,    700mm*2

(From the tube connector for the spool holder to the filaments hub:520mm)

Disconnect the PTFE tube from the filaments hub

There are 4 tube connectors densely distributed above the filaments hub. It may not be easy to pull out the tubes only with hands. It is recommended to use some auxiliary tools, such as tweezers or the printed model we provide to assist in removing the tubes from the filaments hub.

Remove the PTFE tubes with tweezers

As shown in the video below, press down the tube connector with tweezers to unlock it, then hold the PTFE tube with your hand push it gently towards the filaments hub, and finally pull out the PTFE tube. Repeat the operation to remove all the PTFE tubes one after another.

Remove PTFE tubes with the printing PTFE-tool-model

Click to download.


Remove the PTFE tubes from the AMS lite

The operation of removing the PTFE tubes from the feeder unit of the AMS lite is relatively simple. After pressing the connector with your hand you can pull out the PTFE tube.

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