The Y-axis of the A1 mini utilizes full-metal guide wheels, ensuring that users do not need to adjust the motion components of the A1 mini frequently. However, regular lubrication and cleaning are required to reduce wear and noise, maintain printer accuracy and lifespan, and effectively prevent rusting of the guide rails.

Each printer receives a certain level of lubrication before leaving the factory. However, only a small amount of lubricating oil is applied to the printer to avoid excessive oil that may drip onto the casing during transportation, causing noticeable stains and affecting the appearance.

Therefore, we strongly recommend applying an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the Y-axis guide rails of your printer upon unboxing, ensuring that the entire rail is lubricated.

In regular use, we recommend lubricating the Y-axis guide rail once a month.

Lubricant oil recommended

Please use the lubricant oil from the accessory box and avoid lubricant grease. Please verify the label on the lubricant oil bottle: “lubricant oil.” Some batches may have black fonts and patterns on the packaging.

If lubricating grease is accidentally used, please immediately remove it and reapply the provided lubricating oil from the accessory box.

Besides the lubricating oil in the accessory box, you can also use “WD-40 Multi-Use Product” (both in large and small bottles, which are okay) to lubricate the Y-axis guide rails. (Click here to be redirected to the recommended purchase link. )

Please purchase the authentic “WD-40 Multi-Use Product”.

We have not tested other types of lubricant oil and cannot determine if they may adversely affect the Y-axis slide rail (including but not limited to corrosion and wear of bearings and steel shafts).

Guide for Lubrication Operations

1. The lubricant oil is included in the accessory box. Please refer to the video for instructions on how to apply the lubricant oil:

2. Please refer to the following video for instructions on how to lubricate the Y-axis guide rails using “WD-40 Multi-Use Product”:

Here are the guidelines for lubricating the Y-axis guide rails with “WD-40 Multi-Use Product”:

1. To avoid small fibers on the guide rails, use a non-woven cloth for lubrication.

2. Before lubricating, use a clean, non-woven cloth to wipe off dust on the guide rails.

3. After wiping off the dust, spray WD-40 onto another clean, non-woven cloth, and then gently apply it to the Y-axis guide rail using the cloth with WD-40.

Pictures after Lubrication

Picture of the Y-axis guide rails after proper lubrication.

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