What does the A1 mini printer log contain?

For A1 mini, all printer logs are saved to the micro SD card and placed in the “logger,” “recorder,” and “corelogger” folders under the root directory of the micro SD card. There is no need to worry about the log filling up the micro SD card because the total size of all files will be limited to 600-700 MB.

logger folder: 

The essential log contains information about temperature, motion system, wifi/camera/communication with cloud/printer status, etc.

recorder folder:  

Logs for locating problems such as print quality, and abnormal stops in printing

corelogger folder:

 Logs for recovery of the AP board (may not exist).

Note: Cold-swappable

The printer can eject the micro SD card, just like we eject the micro SD card on a computer. 

When you need to remove the micro SD  card from the A1 mini, please select eject in advance; otherwise, frequent hot plugging and unplugging may cause the micro SD card to be damaged.

Upload log files through Bambu Handy

The A1 mini’s log files can be  uploaded using Bambu Handy through the network, just like the X1 series. The upload speed should be approximately 150 kbps when the network conditions are favorable. When logs are uploaded, you can choose a time frame. If necessary, you can select a specified time period for the logs to narrow the overall amount of logs sent and decrease upload time.

Upload log files to an existing ticket through Bambulab.com

  • Take the micro SD card out of the printer, then use a micro SD card reader to connect it to the computer. Create a new folder in a different location on the PC, and copy the loggerrecorder, and corelogger folders there from the micro SD card.
  • Create a support ticket, describe the problem, and upload the printer’s log files.
  • We recommend using the “upload printer log files” option to upload logs. In this way, after opening the corresponding log folder, select all log files and then click open. The website will automatically package the log files.
Automatically package the printer’s logs in the logger folder

This page focuses more on where and how to obtain the A1 mini log files. Please check the following two articles for more information on creating a ticket and uploading log files.

Create a ticket and upload log files

How to update log files to an existing ticket

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