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In the daily use of AMS, you can judge whether AMS is working properly by the status of the LED lights of the first-stage feeders.

This Wiki article provides help on troubleshooting what the LED light status can show, to make finding the issue easier. 

LED status

LED statusAMS status
4 white lights flash in turnNormal status. No filament in all 4 slots
White light keeps onNormal status. The slot has a filament inserted and is idle.
White light breathingNormal status. The slot has filament inserted and is in a busy state (feeding, reading RFID, etc.)
Red light single flashingError status. It may be that the slot failed to feed the filament, and the filament is detected by the feeder but not by the filament Hub. The filament is inside the AMS
Red light double flashingError status. The slot failed to load or unload the filament. The filament is detected by both the feeder and the filament Hub. The filament is outside the AMS
Red light breathingError status. No filaments were inserted into the corresponding slots when printing start. It will return to normal after inserting the filament into the feeder
Red light keeps onError status. The filament is not detected by the feeder, but by the Filament Hub. It is possible that the filament is broken inside the Filament Hub
All four slots are flashing red lightError status. AMS communication is abnormal, and AMS cannot be detected by the printer
The LED light is not on1. When the filament is inserted into the slot, the LED lights of other empty slots without filament are not lit, which is normal;2. When all 4 slots are empty, if the LED of one slot is always off, it means that the first stage feeder failed to power on and needs to be checked.

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