The Bambu Lab P1 series inherits the X1 series’ renowned kinematics and motion control technology, including AMS compatibility. 

After connecting the AMS to the P1P, controlling and operating the AMS on Bambu Studio and Bambu Handy is essentially the same as on the X1. This article simply covers the instructions for connecting AMS to P1P; for AMS control and operation, please see the wiki videos and text tutorials of the X1 series listed below.

Before using AMS, please read the AMS introduction to become acquainted with the system. You should also read the AMS Notes ahead of time to learn about any concerns.

How to connect the AMS to the P1 series

To connect the AMS system to the P1 series, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: As pictured, connect the PTFE tube, 6-pin Bus Cable, and 4-pin Bus Cable.

Connect AMS to P1P
Connect AMS to P1S

Step 2: If the AMS icon displays on the printer screen, the connection has been established.

Step 3: If the connection is successful, you can also look for the AMS’s firmware version and SN number in the system setting directory.

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