Before you start, please refer to the AMS introduction to get familiar with the AMS. You also need to read Notes for AMS in advance to know some precautions.

How to connect the AMS to X1C

To connect the AMS system to the X1-Carbon, please follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Take the PTFE tube from inside the AMS unit, and connect it from the blue PTFE coupler on the machine to the filament buffer in the back.

Make sure the spring of the buffer is not stuck

Step 2 – Take the PTFE tube which is already connected to the AMS unit, and connect it to the left side of the filament buffer.

Step 3 – Connect the four-pin cable to the connector located at the bottom of the filament buffer, then proceed to connect it to the printer as shown below.

Note: Do not insert the 4-pin cable in the wrong direction. If you are using an L-shaped plug cable, pay attention to the text prompts on it. If you insert the 4-pin cable in the wrong direction, it may cause the printer and AMS mainboard to burn down.


Step 4 – Connect the six-pin cable to the first connector on the AMS, and the other side needs to be connected to the connector located on the left side of the filament buffer.

If the spool holder is installed, place the PTEF tube under the holder to reduce resistance of loading/unloading

That’s it! Now you can go to the printer’s menu, and start loading up some filament

An Assembly Video is also included to help you with the process.

Watch video on bilibili.

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