What is the AMS internal filament hub

The internal filament hub is the material selection device (4-in 1-out) of the AMS, which is responsible for sending the specified filament to the printer, and pulling the filament that has been sent to the printer back to the AMS.

When to use

Filament is stuck in the filament hub, all the PTFE tubes check OK and are well connected.

Tools and materials needed

New filament hub, H2.0 & H1.5 allen keys

Safety warning and Machine state before starting operation

Turn power OFF to the printer and disconnect the AMS connection with the printer.

Operation guide

Step 1 – Disconnect the PTFE tube

Open the AMS cover, press the button on the filament hub and pull out the PTFE tube.

Step 2 – Remove 2 screws

Remove 2 screws, and then flip the middle frame upward.

Step 3 – Remove the middle frame module

Disconnect the bambu bus cable and the power cable, and remove the middle frame module.

Step 4 – Disconnect the 4 PTFE tubes

Depress the plastic couplers to disconnect the 4 PTFE tubes.

Step 5 – Remove 4 screws

Remove 4 screws, and turn the filament hub assembly over.

Step 6 – Disconnect 3 cables

Disconnect the motor cable, the hall cable and the speed measuring cable, and then remove the filament hub assembly.

Step 7 – Remove the motor unit

Remove 2 screws, and then remove the motor unit.

Step 8 – (Assembly) Install the motor unit

 Install the motor unit to the filaments hub according to the positioning post and screw holes.

Step 9 – Install 2 screws

Lock the motor unit with 2 screws.

Step 10 – Connect 3 cables

Connect the motor cable, the hall cable and the speed cable.

Step 11- Install the internal filament hub

Install the filament hub assembly to the middle frame, and lock in 4 screws.

Step 12 – Connect 4 PTFE tubes

Arrange the cables, and connect the 4 PTFE tubes.

Step 13 – Install the middle frame

Place the middle frame into the AMS shell, connect the bambu bus cable and power cable.

Step 14 – Lock 2 screws

Install the middle frame in place, and lock with 2 screws.

Step 15 – Connect the PTFE tube

Check the tube bracket, and insert the PTFE tube, try to pull it out to make sure that the tube is well connected.

How to verify completion/success

Connect the AMS to the printer and turn power ON. Load filament to all slots of the AMS and  click “Load” on the screen to start loading the filament.

After the filament in slot 1 loads, choose AMS slot 2 to load the filament in slot 2, and then load filament in slot 3 & slot 4.

If all the loading process functions OK, the replacement is complete and successful.

Otherwise, check the connections of all the cables and PTFE tubes. If no errors are found and malfunction continues, contact the Bambu Lab service team for further assistance.

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