What is the AMS main board

The AMS main board is the center circuit board of the AMS. It provides a series of connectors through which the various functional components are connected by cables.

When to use

Abnormal voltage, components abnormally hot or burnt out, the communication of a module is abnormal, broken connectors, unrecoverable FW upgrade failed.

Tools and materials needed

H2.0 & H1.5  allen key

Safety warning and Machine state before starting operation

Turn the power OFF to the printer and disconnect the connection of the AMS with the printer.

Operation guide

Step 1 – (Disassembly) Remove the PTFE tube

Open the AMS cover, press the button on the filaments hub and pull out the PTFE tube.

Step 2 – Remove 2 screws

Remove 2 screws.

Step 3 – Remove the middle frame module

Flip the middle frame upward, disconnect the bambu bus cable and the power cable, and remove the middle frame module.

Step 4 – Disconnect 11 cables

Disconnect all the cables from the connectors on the main board. Make some marks if needed or take pictures of the connections.

Step 5 – Remove the main board

Remove 2 screws, unlock the main board from 4 buckles and then remove the main board.

Step 6 – (Assembly) Install the main board

Install the main board to the middle frame, prefix with the 4 buckles, and then lock in 2 screws.

Step  7 – Connect 11 cables

Connect 11 cables, according to the marks or pictures taken before disconnected.

NO.Connect ObjectN0.Connect ObjectNO.Connect Object
1The first stage feeder 15Haul cable to filaments hub9The first stage feeder 3
2RFID board 16Power cable to power board10RFID board 2
3The first stage feeder 27Bambu bus cable to power board11The first stage feeder 4
4Speed measurement cable to filaments hub8Motor cable to filaments hub  

Step  8 – Install the middle frame module

Pleace the middle frame into the AMS shell, connect the bambu bus cable and the power cable.

Step 9 – Lock in 2 screws

Install the middle frame in place, lock in 2 screws.

Step 10 – Connect the PTFE tube

Check the tube bracket, and insert the PTFE tube. Try to pull it out to make sure that the tube is well connected.

How to verify completion/success

1. Connect the AMS to printer and power on, confirm that the AMS menu is on.

2. Check the SN and firmware, the FW and SN should be showed after entry, update the FW if new FW found.

3. Load filaments to the 4 slots, and confirm that every slot works fine. If you load Bambu Lab official filaments, the filaments’ information will be recognized.

If your AMS is not like this, please check the connections. If it still malfunctions, contact the Bambu Lab service team for further assistance.

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