AMS lite Rotary and AMS Spool Claw

This article provides guidelines and precautions for the disassembly and assembly of the AMS Spool Claw.

Parts List

Assembly Part List


Screw List


Tool List

Flat-tipped tweezers

Safety Warning


It’s crucial to disconnet the AMS from the printer before performing any maintenance work on the AMS and its electronics, because leaving the AMS connected while conducting such tasks can cause a short circuit, which can lead to additional electronic damage and safety hazards.

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Video guide

Disassemble the AMS Spool Claw

Step 1 – Remove the AMS Spool Claw

Use the flat-tipped tweezers to pry the Spool Claws up through the gap on the two sides. Remove the other 2 Spool Claws in the same way.

Note: The Spool Claws are easily damaged, so please avoid prying the claws too hard to prevent damage.

Assemble the AMS Spool Claw

Step 1 – Install the AMS Spool Claw

Pay attention to the direction of installation, and then snap the 3 claws into place in turn.

Verify the functionality

Manually press each Spool Claw to make sure the installation is in place.


Not required

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