AMS lite AMS Feeder Units

This article provides guidelines and precautions for the disassembly and assembly of the AMS Feeder Units.

Parts List

The following are the after-sales individual items that will be involved in this guide.

Assembly List


Screw List

Tool List

Flat Head Tweezers

H1.5 /H2.0 Hexagonal Wrench

Previous Operation

If needed, please refer to the AMS Lite installation tutorial to learn how to remove and install the AMS Lite Feeder Unit from the AMS Lite.

Safety Warning


It’s crucial to disconnet the AMS Lite from the printer before performing any maintenance work on the AMS and its electronics, because leaving the AMS connected while conducting such tasks can cause a short circuit, which can lead to additional electronic damage and safety hazards.

If you have any concerns or questions about following this guide, open a new ticket in our Support Page and we will do our best to respond promptly and provide you with the assistance you need.

Video Guide

Disassemble the AMS Feeder Unit

Step1 – Remove the AMS Feeder Cap

Use flat-tipped tweezers to pry the top cover from its notched position and remove it.

Step 2 – Remove the AMS Filament Funnel Unit

Unscrew the 3 screws B with an H1.5 Allen key to loosen the Filament Funnel Unit, disconnect the wire connections, and remove the spring.

Repeat the above steps to remove the other AMS Filament Funnel Unit.

Step 3 – Remove the AMS Feeder Motor Components

Disconnect the AMS Feeder motor’s connecting wires and remove the motor by removing the 2 screws A with an H2.0 Allen key.

Repeat the above steps to remove the other AMS Feeder Motor Components.

Assemble the AMS Feeder Unit

Step1 – Install the AMS Feeder Motor

Connect the cables and install the motor inside the AMS Feeder, then lock in 2 screws A with an H2.0 Allen key.

Repeat the above steps to install the other AMS Feeder Motor. Please make sure that the two cables with different colors should be connected to the right connectors shown below.

Step 2 – Install the AMS Filament Funnel Unit

Install the spring onto the AMS Filament Funnel Unit-Left, connect the cable, and adjust the position of the swing gear set as shown in the figure. The inner gear should be turned to the right and the outer gear should be upright;

Install the AMS Filament Funnel Unit-Left, place the other end of the spring in place with the help of the hex key, and pay attention to the outer swing gear set being between two limit blocks. The inner swing gear should be placed under the limit block, and then buckled in place;

Screw in 3 screws B to lock the AMS Filament Funnel Unit-Left.

A similar operation can be used to install the AMS Filament Funnel Unit-Right. However, you need to pay attention to the installation position of the gear sets. This installation position is somewhat different from the AMS Filament Funnel Unit-Left. Please see the picture below for details.

The final installation effect is shown below:

Step 3 – Install the AMS Feeder Cap

Check whether the light guide column is in position; Confirm the installation direction and install the AMS Feeder Cap.

Verify the functionality

Push the AMS Filament Funnel Rod by hand to confirm movement and smoothness.


Not required

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