Error message

HMS_0300_0400_0002_0001: The speed of part cooling fan if too slow or stopped
” The speed of part cooling fan if too slow or stopped. It may be stuck or damaged . ” 

What it is

There is a speed feedback signal from the part cooling fan . Normally , when applied a voltage , the fan will perform a corresponding spinning speed , and the printer will check the feedback speed and see if the fan is working normally . If the feedback speed of the cooling fan is slower than designed , this err message will occrus.

Below are the possible reasons :

  1. The fan blade is stuck by something ( like filement strings ) and cannot spinning freely
  2. The part cooling fan connector is loosen
  3. the fan is broken

Safety warning and Machine state before starting operation

If the fan is turned on , when cleanning the fan , the fan may started spinning in a sudden and cause injury , so make sure the fan is turned off when start the follwing step.

(a screen picture here , left is the fan on , right is the fan off)

trouble shooting guide

step 1

turn off the fan , and spin the fan blade manually , to see if it is stuck by something . If yes , clean up , then turn on the fan again to see if the fan return normal.

step 2

If step 1 does not work , then check if the connector is loose . Plug and unplug the front shell connector , then retry turn on the part cooling fan again.

step 3

If step 2 still does not work , then it is possible that the part cooling fan is broken. Click here to see how to replace the part cooling fan. 

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