Error message

HMS_0300_0A00_0001_0005: Force sensor 1 detected unexpected continuous force. The heat bed may be stuck, or the analog front end may be broken.

The error code below shows the same issue with different force sensors:

0300 0A00 0001 0005

0300 0B00 0001 0005

0300 0C00 0001 0005

What it is

X/P Series Printer

When the heat bed is not moving and there is no force applied to the heat bed, the voltage signal from the force sensor should be 0 volts. If the voltage is not 0, then there must be something wrong. In our test, below are the reasons we have met:

  1. Before Z-axis homing, the hotbed was stuck by something:
    • The build plate has contact with the excess chute
    • The build plate has contact with the inner liner of the printer
    • Some stuff put on the bottom of the printer has stuck the heat bed
  2. There are short circuits on the electrode of the force sensor
  3. The force sensor amplifier is broken

A1 Printer

When the heat bed does not move, the voltage signal of the heat bed acceleration sensor should be 0V. If the voltage is not 0, there is a problem.

Possible reasons:

1. The heat bed acceleration sensor is touched by foreign bodies;

2. The sensor electrode is short-circuited.

troubleshooting guide

X/P series printer

step 1

Remove stuff in the bottom of the printer

step 2

Lift the hotbed until its height is near the same as the excess chute, and check if the build plate has touch the surface of the excess chute:

step 3

Check the rear edge of the build plate, to see if it is too close to the inner liner the the printer:

step 4

Clean the bottom of the printer, if the hotbed is near the bottom of the printer and has contact with the stuffs in the bottom initially, the homing process may get disrupted:

step 5

Retry the “Home” function and see if it can succeed, and see if this HMS error message disappears.
If not, then there might be some real hardware issues.

A1 Printer

1. Please ensure that the heat bed is not stuck or rubbed during the movement;

2. Remove the build plate, remove the silicone protective cover of the screw holes, expose the screw holes, and remove the screws;

3. Turn the heat bed over and expose the bottom of the heat bed to see the heat bed acceleration sensor. Check whether the sensor is touched by foreign objects. If so, please clean it up.

4. If there is no interference from foreign objects, it is likely that the sensor has been damaged. Please refer to this wiki to replace the sensor: A1 Heatbed Unit Installation Tutorial | Bambu Lab Wiki

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