Error message:

HMS_0300_0D00_0001_0003 The build plate is not placed properly
“The build plate is not placed properly. Please adjust it.”

These error code below share the same issue as this one:

0300 0D00 0001 0003

0300 0D00 0001 0004

0300 0D00 0001 0005

0300 0D00 0001 0006

0300 0D00 0001 0007

0300 0D00 0001 0008

0300 0D00 0001 0009

0300 0D00 0001 000A

What it is

When doing the Z-axis homing, the printer will calculate the touch position when the nozzle —- or anything else — touchs the hot bed by the 3 force sensor.

Normally, if it is the very nozzle that touches the hotbed, then the calculated position will be the same as the toolhead position, otherwise it is possible that it is not the nozzle that touch the hotbed, which may be:

  1. The build plate haven’t been placed correctly, and touched the excess chute
  2. The build plate haven’t been placed correctly, and touched the z-axis slider stop on the left
  3. The build plate haven’t been placed correctly, and touched the inner liner of the printer
  4. Something has been drop on the top of those 3 z-axis slider, and had made false signal
  5. There are some stuffs placed at the bottom of printer chamber, and has stuck the hotbed when doing z-axis homing
  6. The problem might be that the X and Y axis homing process is disrupted by some foreign matters, which makes the position of the tool head not at the center of the build plate.

Troubleshooting guide

step 1

lift the hotbed until its height is near the same as the excess chute, and check if the build plate has touched the surface of the excess chute:

step 2

lift the hotbed untill it near the Z slicer stopper on the left , and check if the edge of the build plate will touch the stopper:

step 3

Check the rear edge of the build plate, to see if it is too close to the inner liner the printer:

step 4

lower the hotbed, and check if there is anything on the top surface of the 3 Z slider:

Please also check whether the bearing sleeve on the three Z sliders is raised. If it is raised, please get in touch with after-sales service.

Normal state

step 5

Clean the bottom of the printer, if the hotbed is near the bottom of the printer and has contact with the stuffs in the bottom initially, the homing process may get disrupted:

step 6

As the inner space of the XY gantry is very compact, ensure the full movement region of the X and Y sliders is clean, with no 3rd party parts or anything else being installed or placed near the slider movement region.

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