Error message 

HMS_0300_0D00_0001_000B:  The Z-axis motor seems got stuck when moving up, please check if there is any foreign matter on the Z sliders or Z timing belt wheels

What it is

This error shows that when the Z axis is moving up, the Z motor detects an abnormally large force that stops the motor from spinning.

Usually, the possible reason might be:

  1. There is something on the table that has stuck / partially stuck the Z-axis motor or the Z-axis timing belt wheels, which are at the bottom of the machine
  2. There is stuff on the Z-axis slider when the hotbed is moving up, or the bearing on the linear rods are raised, this stuff stuck between the Z-axis slider and the Z-axis, causing nozzle unable to touch the heat bed
  3. When the heat bed was near the bottom of the chamber, the Z-axis slider was stuck by something on the bottom.
  4. The heat bed was interfered with by the excess chute.
  5. The heat bed cable is dragging the heat bed from moving up
  6. Wrong screw screw has been installed when installing the AMS-HUB.
  7. Z-axis slide assembly tolerance is abnormal.
  8. The force sensor is abnormal, which makes the machine cannot detect the touching event when the nozzle touches the heat bed until the Z-axis motor detects high load and stop.

Please note that these are only some of the possible causes listed above, in reality there may be other factors causing the error.

Troubleshooting guide

Step 1: Check for objects at the bottom of the machine

Lift up the printer front a bit, and check if there is anything that will stick the Z-axis timing belt. Notice that the rubber foot is stuck on to the bottom of the printer, if the printer is pushed on the place surface, the rubber foot may get pushed off and gets stuck into the Z-axis timing belt ( where as shown in the red box below ):

Step 2: Check whether Z motor and belt is stuck

Lift up the back of the printer a bit, and check if there is anything that will stick the Z-motor and timing belt wheel (as shown in the red box below ):

Step 3: Check whether Z slider is stuck by for foreign object

Lower the heat bed, and check if there is anything on the Z-axis slider upper surface, especially the rear one that is partly hidden behind the inner liner :

In addition to checking the surface of the slider for foreign objects, in this step you will also need to check whether the Z-axis bearing is raised.

If you find the bearing is raised, please refer to the operation video below to reset the bearing. It is important to note that before following the video, please remove the hotend assembly of the tool head (click here for a guide to disassembling the hotend assembly) and then perform the operation in the video.

If you encounter any difficulties during this process, please contact after-sales service for assistance.


The purpose of this operation is to press the raised bearing back into place using the retaining block:

Raised bearing are usually caused by the presence of foreign material, such as scrap, in the three holes at the bottom of the linear rods, which causes the bearing to be squeezed and raise out of place. If there is any foreign material in these holes, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned out or the failure may recur.

Step 4: Check whether the excess chute is interfering

Check if there is visible interference between the heatbed and the excess chute.

If you find that the excess chute is interfering, click to view this wiki page for a solution.

Step 5: Check whether the cable is too tight

raise the hotbed slowly, until it almost reaches the nozzle, then look into the inside of the liner from the chamber, to see if the hotbed cable next to the z-axis lead screw is dragged tight. If the shape of the cable is similar the the picture below, then it may be dragged tight:

Then you have to insert your finger into the gaps and drag the cable out from the inner of the electric case, as shown below, CAUTION : the liner edge may be a bit sharp, be careful or wear gloves when doing this step

If the hotbed cable is stretched, click on this wiki page for the solution.

Step 6: Check AMS hub/ Filament buffer’s screws

If you have installed the AMS-HUB or AMS-BUFFER, if the screw is over tighten, that may also stick the z-axis when the bed is near the nozzle, so try loose these two screws for 1~2 rounds :

Step 7: Re-adjust Z sliders

the steel rod may have moved under violent shipping, so the z-axis slider needs to be re-adjusted, see the picture below:

7.1: Use the control pannel, lift the bed carefully until it almost touch the bed

7.2: Move the toolhead aside and the build plate aside

7.3: Loose both of these 2 screws and re-tighten them (at the back)

7.4: Loose both of these 2 screws and re-tighten them (on the left)

7.5 Loose both of these 2 screws and re-tighten them (on the right)

Step 8: After completing all steps above, click “home” again.

After the above steps, retry, tap the “home” button, and watch the homing process to check if the nozzle can touch the hotbed surface normally. If the homing is successful, then homing z-axis failed error will disappear automatically. 

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