Error message

HMS_0300_0D00_0002_0001: Heatbed homing abnormal.
Heatbed homing abnormal. There may be a bulge on the hotbed or the nozzle tip is not clean.

What it is

As the hotbed homing is done by “sensing the force that nozzle touches the hotbed” , there is a necessary precondition to make homing precise enough: the nozzle tip is clean, and the build plate surface is rigid. If this error message occurs, that means this precondition is detected not satisfied, which may be caused by :

  1. the build plate surface has bulge ;
  2. the nozzle tip isn’t clean and there is remanent filament stuck on the nozzle tip
  3. software bug, the ” soft detection ” algorithm is not accurate enough…

When to use

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Tools and materials needed

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Safety warning and Machine state before starting operation

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Troubleshooting guide

step 1

Lighting from the front, keep your eyes close to the surface of the build plate and observe whether there are bulges on the surface of the build plate:

here is an example of the bulge on the build plate :

the best way is to replace a new build plate surface, but if it is urgent, use a blade to make a few kerfs on the bulge surface to make it flat:

step 2

Clean the nozzle tip ( normally, the printer will clean the nozzle automatically when print start, but there is still a chance that the nozzle is not clean enough ):

step 3

Lift up the printer front a bit , and check if there is any thing that will stick the Z-axis timing belt . Notice that the rubber foot is stick on to the botton of the printer, if the printer is pushed on the place surface , the rubber foot may get pushed off and gets stuck into the Z-axis timing belt ( where as shown in the red box below ):

step 4

Lift up the back of the printer a bit , and check if there is any thing that will stick the Z-motor and timing belt wheel ( where as shown in the red box below ):

step 5

Lower the heat bed , check if there is anything on the Z-axis slider upper surface , especially the rear one that partly hidden behide the inner liner :

Please also check whether the bearing sleeve on the three Z sliders is raised. If it is raised, please get in touch with after-sales service.

Normal state

step 6

check the 3 holes on the bottom of the chamber , clean out if there is anything inside, below is an example:

step 7

raise the hotbed slowly , untill it almost reach the nozzle , then look into the inside of the liner from the chamber , to see if the hotbed cable next to the z-axis lead screw is dragged tight . If the shape of the cable is similar the the picture below , then it maybe dragged tight:

Then you have to insert your finger into the gaps , and drag the cable out from the inner of the electric case , as shown below , CAUTION : the liner edge maybe a bit sharp , be careful or wear gloves when doing this step

step 8

If you have installed the AMS-HUB or AMS-BUFFER , if the screw is over tighten , that may also stuck the z-axis when the bed is near the nozzle, so try loose these two screws for 1~2 rounds :

step 9

the steel rod may got moved under violence shipping , so the z-axis slider needs to be re-adjusted , see the picture below:

9.1 :





step 10

After the above steps, retry, tap the “home” button, and watch the homing process to check if the nozzle can touch the hotbed surface normally. If the homing success, then homing z-axis failed error will disappear automatically. 

step 11

re-try the home function , and see if this error message disappeared. 

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