Error message 

HMS_0300_1800_0001_0005: The Z-axis motor seems got stuck during movement, please check if there is any foreign matter on the Z sliders or Z timing belt wheels

What it is

During the process of homing or leveling, when the tool head descends to touch the heat bed, the Z-axis motor detects a great resistance, indicating that the movement in the Z-direction is blocked. There may be several reasons for this phenomenon:

1. There is a foreign object stuck on the Z-axis slider;

2. The Z-axis screw rod is bent;

3. The tool head did not home within the heat bed range due to the step loss of the XY axis, causing other parts of the tool head to first touch the heat bed instead of the hot end;

4. The eddy current sensor is faulty, resulting in the inability to detect the nozzle touching the heat bed and continuously pressing down on the heat bed.

Troubleshooting guide

Step 1

Observe whether the tool head is homing or leveling outside the printing area of the heat bed. If so, please try to home the tool head again and observe if there is a step loss phenomenon in the XY direction. If there is a step loss, check if there is any foreign object stuck on the XY axis;

Step 2

Observe whether there are foreign objects stuck in the Z-axis direction (including the Z-axis slider and Z-axis timing belt wheels) and whether the screw rod is severely bent. You can control the tool head to move up and down to observe if there are any abnormalities (pay attention not to touch the heat bed as much as possible when moving down to avoid damaging the heat bed);

Step 3

Place an object in the center of the heat bed and retry the homing to check whether the homing is normal. If the Z-axis homing fails, the eddy current sensor or communication is faulty. Please follow the relevant instructions to troubleshoot (HMS_0300_1800_0001_0004: The data from the extrusion force sensor is abnormal, the sensor should be broken. | Bambu Lab Wiki). The purpose of placing objects on the heat bed is to prevent the hot end from directly contacting the heat bed again and damaging it.

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