How to enter a specific code page

When you see an error pop-up with a code from the printer during calibration and printing, you can try to troubleshoot and solve the problem yourself through the relevant guidelines.

Here is an example of showing how to get detailed information about the error code, and the troubleshooting guide for the error.

Step 1- Press “Assistant” 

Step 2- Scan the code with your phone

It is OK to use Bambu handy to scan the code, or other APPs that support the scanning function.

Step 3- Click to enter the specific page

After scanning the code, you will be redirected to a web page, find the corresponding code and click the link.


Step 4- Read the detail information and troubleshoot

The page that appears now is where you are looking for, you can find detailed information about the error code, and of course, there is a troubleshooting guide for this error. You can try to resolve the issue by following the steps.

If the issue is not resolved in the end, please contact the Bambu service team.

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