For printers in the P1 series, the following requirements need to be fulfilled:

1: Bambu Handy’s permission

Bluetooth permission is required for both iOS and Android phones. For some Android phones, “Location permission” is also required.

2: Active Bluetooth devices

Disable or disconnect any other Bluetooth devices that are currently connected to the phone during the printer binding operation.

3: Printer Wi-Fi antenna connections

Ensure that the antenna connector and cable are not physically broken and that the connector is securely fastened to the board.

4: Forgetting the paired BBLPrinter device and pairing the printer again:

It is necessary to forget (or delete) the previously paired “BBLPrinter” in the phone’s Bluetooth settings. Also, disable and enable Bluetooth once, and then pair the printer’s Bluetooth again.

5: If you have successfully bound the printer before and are now performing a printer factory reset,

Case 1: 01S/01PXXXXXX not found

The Handy app is attempting to find a Bambulab printer with a specific product serial number (SN) over Bluetooth but is unable to locate the printer.

Please first ensure that you have checked the above-mentioned Requirement 1, 2, and 4.

Step 1: Use the Handy app to scan for all printers, allowing it to scan for approximately 5-10 seconds. If the printer is found during this scan, select it to perform a binding operation.

Step 2: Perform the steps mentioned in “Requirement for the Printer Antenna” above, and then restart the printer (power off and wait for 20 seconds). Afterward, retry “Step 1”.

Step 3: Restart your phone or try using another phone to repeat “Step 1”.

If the issue persists, please contact the after-sales service and provide them with the following information: phone model, operation video, and printer logs for further assistance.

Case 2: Failed to request the printer’s “WI-FI” list

When you encounter the following prompt messages, you can use the following methods to resolve the problem.

In most cases, the issue is caused by a Bluetooth pairing failure between the phone and the printer. Please follow “Requirement 4 for Forgetting a Paired BBL Printer Device.“.

You should try rescanning the QR code to initiate the binding operation. Also, confirm the pairing on both the phone and printer screens as described below.

On the printer screen:

On the iOS phone:

On the Android phone:

Case 3: Invalid password

In most cases, the issue is caused by entering incorrect passwords or experiencing wireless interference during a Wi-Fi connection.

Step 1: Retry setting up Wi-Fi directly and ensure that the SSID and password are correct.

Step 2: Move the printer closer to the router and attempt the setup process again.

Step 3: Try using a different router or having the printer connect to a mobile hotspot to verify whether the network issue is due to router settings or a faulty printer network module.

Step 4: If the problem still persists, double-check the “Requirement 3 for Printer Wi-Fi Antenna” mentioned above. Additionally, please provide us with the printer’s log for further assistance.

Case 4: DHCP Failed

Reason 1: The weak wireless signal or wireless interference could lead to the loss of DHCP packets. The recommended solution is to move the printer closer to the router and attempt the connection again.

Reason 2: The router has exhausted its available IP addresses due to a large number of connected devices, and there might be an IP address conflict in the network. This could occur when some devices have static IP configurations or when devices continue to use old IP addresses after a router restart without obtaining new ones. To troubleshoot this, you can try using a mobile hotspot as an alternative and see if it allows for a successful connection.

Case 5: Maybe not on the same LAN

Reason 1: The phone is not connected to the Wi-Fi network or is not connected to the same router. Please check if both the printer and the phone are connected to the same router (verify the SSID). Additionally, ensure that the printer’s IP address and the phone’s IP address are in the same network segment (in most cases, only the last digit is different, for example, 192.168.2.X).

Reason 2: There might be an isolation setting enabled on the router, that needs to be disabled.

Reason 3: There might be network firewall limitations on specific IP or TCP/UDP ports. Please check the router settings to ensure that communication for the MAC/IP address of the printer is not blocked.

Case 6: IP address shows

Reason 1: It is possible that the DHCP address pool of your router is full, and you need to restart the router to fix the issue.

Reason 2: It is possible that your router’s channel settings are incorrect. If restarting the router does not resolve the issue, it might be due to improper channel settings. We kindly request you to upload the printer logs so that we can check if the channel setting on your router is supported by the printer. (Our printer supports channels 1–11.)


This error message usually indicates that your printer’s serial number (SN) has not been enabled. This can happen if you change the AP board without contacting customer service to reactivate the printer’s SN. It can also happen if the printer is not activated at the factory. If you get the above prompt, please contact customer service, and they will help you activate the SN.

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