Failed to Getting Network Plugin


1. Make sure all the other Bambu Studio is closed.

2. Check whether the website is accessible or not.
Access the following address from your browser to check whether the network plugin is access or not:

If you see a zip file is downloading, that means your pc can access the plugin.
If it is not accessible, you need to check the network related issue, and make sure it is accessible.

3. Make sure the plugins is not occupied by other applications.
Close Bambu Studio, goto directory C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\BambuStudio, and delete the plugins folder.

  • If successfull, just re-open Bambu Studio, and re-install the plugins again;
  • If failed, then check the popup what is blocking the file from being deleted, exit that related program and retry until this folder can be deleted successfully. Then re-open Bambu Studio, and re-install the plugin. Restart your PC may help if the folder cannot be deleted.

Some known applications which will occupy the file:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Agent
  • Skype
  • Nvidia Broadcast

4. Make sure Bambu Studio isn't blocked or deleted by anti-virus software.
If it still has issues, Please check whether the plugin has been blocked or deleted by anti-virus software.
If it has, add it to the whitelist in your anti-virus software.

5. If it still fails, you can try manually installing the network plugin

Use Bambu Studio version number to replace the AA BB CC in this url:
Among them, AA.BB.CC represents the first three version numbers of Bambu Studio.

For instance, for Bambu Studio version, AA.BB.CC would be 01.07.03. After replacing with the version number, the URL would be:

After the replacement is done, paste it into the browser’s address bar and directly access the URL through the browser.
The browser will return the following JSON string. (Please operate based on the actual return result, do not directly use the string and address provided below).



In the JSON string, find the resource with the type “slicer/plugins/cloud”. Locate its corresponding URL (an address ending in .zip), for example:

Copy the URL into the browser’s address bar and access it to download the network plugin that match your Bambu Studio.

Finally, unzip the zip file to C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\BambuStudio\plugins and restart Bambu Studio to complete the installation.


Usually it is caused by a networking issue. Several VPN programs are known to block Bambu Studio from downloading the networking plugin:

  • Cisco AnyConnect
  • iCloud Private Relay
  • AVG Security

Steps to disable the Cisco AnyConect:
Use following commands in the terminal to disable the “Cisco Anyconnect Socket Filter”

  1. /Applications/Cisco/Cisco\AnyConnect\Socket\\ AnyConnect\Socket\Filter -deactivateExt
  2. Disable/inactive the “Cisco Anyconnect Socket Filter” in the Network page from “System Preferences”
  3. Uninstall “Cisco Anyconnect Socket Filter”
  4. When install Cisco AnyConnect, just installed the component “VPN” (not confirmed whether it is ok or not)

Steps to disable the AVG Security:

  1. Disable the AVG Security in the Network page of System Preferences.

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